Friday, July 13, 2012

Room Change

I mentioned in a previous post about Moving Rooms and I am just now getting to posting the change. We did this at the end of June and I was meaning to post this sooner but since we have had quit an eventful  past couple of weeks with Will being burned I just have not gotten to it.

Here is what the boys room used to look like if you follow the link That room is now our room on one side and the sewing/vinyl cutting room on the other.

I am not going to show you Brooke’s room as it scares me when I look in it. Maybe I will post a picture if she ever finishes putting it together and at the same time it is clean. I put the 2 older kids in charge of putting their rooms together. We put the big stuff where they wanted it and they are in charge of everything else.

So here we go. This first room is Vinny’s room now. It used to be a sewing room and before that it was the school room.  I do miss having a school room but we never really stayed in there. We school in all areas of the house. Couch, kitchen table, beds, school desks in their rooms and outside.

This first picture of Vinny’s room is from the doorway. We are still needing to finish the trim in here we ran out and I have not yet painted the trim. This will be a project soon. If you notice there is a chalk board painted on the wall. The last resemblance of the school room.


Here is his dresser and all his play things (don’t call them toys). Also his clothes basket that looks to be kind of full. The boys each have a basket in their rooms that they are in charge of to take to the laundry room and separate the clothes for me to wash. Brooke does her own laundry.


Here is his closet (which I use the shelf on top) desk and if you can see he loves to draw. He hangs his pictures on the wall next to his desk.


As you can tell Vinny Loves Husker foot ball and racing.

Next we have Wills room. This is downstairs and used to be Brookes room which she moved upstairs to our old room right across the hall from Vinny. This is a picture fro the door way. If you notice there is no carpet in any of the rooms down stairs but we are working on this. I have a jar in my room that I am using to save for carpet. We did the stairs and soon we will do the rest of the floor. We have a split level. with 3 rooms, and a laundry room downstairs. Upstairs in living room, Kitchen, bath room and 2 bedrooms.


Here is a picture of his bed. We gave him the buck beds.


Here is the closet. Since our room does not have a closet we use his closet and the games are on the shelf. One day we will finish that room and have a closet in ours and Croix’s rooms.


Okay here is Croix’s room. This room is not finished. We need to finish outing up sheet rock and mud and paint and add carpet. I only have this one picture of his room I must of gotten side tracked when I was taking pictures of rooms that day. If you can see that his bed looks like a couch well it kind of is it is a futon we have been looking for a bed for him. But since his room is so small we are looking for a bunk kind of bed that is off the floor and there is room under the bed for his things so he does not loose floor space.


Here is our room which used to be the boys room. This room again has no carpet. Don’t you just love the sticky tile flooring *sigh* If you notice our lovely rug we are using which is Brookes. We will also be taking down the native American  border and then paint. God has blessed us with a house that fits our family (maybe bigger one day) *smile* So I will not complain about that. Oh wow I just noticed I need to make a bed skirt. Well that will be another blog post. I love this quilt I made you can not see it well in this picture but I love it.


We also have the piano in here since there was no where else to put it and we were not bringing it upstairs. Will started taking lessons this summer so it is getting used finally. I like to play but just do not have time. Here is the sewing room / vinyl cutting side of the room.


This little area hold sewing supplies and school things also. It is quite a mess but one day I will get it organized. But until then this is what it will look like.


Here are a few things I have been making for costumers. American girl doll clothes and baby doll diapers water proof for those peeing baby dolls.




Aren't they cute!

Well there you go! This is our new bedroom set ups. We are loving it! Thank you for looking and have a blessed day.

   God Bless,


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