Leibert Academy

The reason we Homeschool.

1. First and foremost that God was leading us I this direction.
2. We also have full control over the quality of our children's education.
3. We get to spend quality time with our children anytime we want to!
4. We know they are safe.
5. We know they are all well treated.
6. We are free to teach what we feel is important.
7. We are free to combine our love of God with our children's curriculum to be sure their education is well rounded.
8. Because we can!!    
2013-2014 Curriculum

Brooke 11th Grade
In High school

Vinny 8th Grade
In Middle school

William 4th grade
In Elementary

Croix 2nd grade
Reading- Pathway reading
Language Arts - Abeka 
Math- Abeka
Social Studies- Abeka
Science- Abeka
Health- Abeka

Brooke 10th grade
In high school
Vinny 7th grade
In Middle school
William 4th grade
Reading- Pathway readers
History and Science - Various videos from Netflix and books from the library
Croix 1st grade
Reading/Language Arts - Rod and staff
History/ Science- Various videos frome Netflix and books from the library
2012-2013 Curriculum

Brooke 9th grade
She went to highschool :(

Vinny 6th grade

Will 3rd grade

Language Arts - Climbing to Good English
Reading - Pathway Reading
History - Reading Bio's of George Washington, U.S. Grant
Science - We pick a subject and study it.

Croix Kindergarten
Phonics/Reading - McGuffey Readers
Math - flash cards and School aide math
History & Science - He is just joining in with Will

2011-2012 Curriculum
   Last year we used the Robinson Curriculum and we liked and we are still going to use it as our reading. But here is what we are useing for the kiddos this year.

Brooke 8th grade
Vinny 5th grade
William 2nd grade
Math   - He is finishing up Alpha then will be moving to Beta Math-U-See
Language Arts -2nd grade Spectrum
Phonics - 2nd gradeSpectrum
Social Studies - Road Trip USA
Croix K4

2010-2011 Curriculum 
    For this year we have a preschooler, 1st grader, 4th grader, and 7th grade. We are using the Robinson Curriculum (RC) this year and love it!! But I have supplemented it with just a few things. 

Preschool Croix 
I have pretty much made some games and things for him and we are just learning the basics letters, numbers, shapes and colors. I just keep it fun for him.

1st Grade Will
Reading- McGuffy Primer and McGuffy's First Reader (RC cds)
Language Arts- McGuffy readers and copy work from the Bible       
                (RC cds)
Math- Math U See Primer and Alpha 
History- The Bible, The Life of George Washington by  Josephine

4th grade Vinny
Reading- McGuffys Second Reader, The tale of Jolly Robin,The Tale of Solomon Owl, The Tale of Chirpy Cricket, The Tale of Paddy Muskrat,The Tale of Old dog Spot, (all by Arthur Scott Bailey) The Bobbsey Twins at school, The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore, The Bobbsey Twins on the Houseboat (by Laura Lee Hope) Tom Swift and His Motor cycle by Victor Appleton I have more on the list for him when he gets these finished. I will list them when he gets to them.
 you can also find these on My Fathers World
Math- Math U See Gamma
Science- I found some old science books at a local book store 
History- The Life of George Washington, Our Hero General Grant, Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of the New world (all by Josephine Pollard) Fifty Famous People by James Baldwin, Four naval Heroes by Mabel H. Beebe.  (RC cds) 

7th Grade Brooke
Literature- Heidi, The Bobbsey Twins at School, The Rover Boys on The Great Lakes, The Rover Boys on the River, Five Little Peppers and How they Grew, Five Little Peppers Midway, The Rover Boys at College, Tom Swift and His Airship, The Rover boys on the Ocean, Tom Swift and His Air Scout, The Adventures of Pinocchio (RC cds) When she is ready for the next set I will post them.
Language Arts- She write daily on what she is reading and I have a workbook I got her too. 
Math- Math U see Pre Algebra
Science- I bought some old science books at a local store that she reads daily. These date back to 1912 they are awesome! It was before the Government got a hold of the school books :)
History- The Life Of George Washington, Our Hero General Grant, Fifty Famous People, Four Naval Heroes, Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of the New World, Picturesque America (Vol 1)