Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Boy or Girl??


boy or girl

Well we will be having a gender reveal party so everyone can find out what we are having. I am so excited!! I am having a dear friend make a cake for us that will reveal the gender of the baby. My kids think I am being so mean not letting them know what we are having. On Sunday after church is the party. Then I will post what we are having.

Will we have our 4th boy in a row or will it be a change and finally get some pink ?????

God Bless,



  1. My guess is that if you're having a party to reveal, it must be a girl! (I have 6 of them)

    I'll be excited to find out when you post, though. :)

    1. We had decided to do this from the beginning to help get the kids involved as much as possible. But you will have to wait :)


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