Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moving bedrooms

We are currently working on a solution to our issues with our boys and their need for some alone time. I guess you can say I am fed up with breaking up fights and not know what to do with them when they need a minute to themselves. I know they love each other but I do believe that since they are together all the time they need some place to just be by themselves. They are also having a hard time keeping their hands off each others things so my solution is to give them all their own rooms. We have enough rooms in our home to have all the children in their own room but I guess I always dreamed that the boys would share and girls would share (if we have any more girls God willing). My dream has kind of well is not working as planned. This is okay.

So I gave Mr. Leibert a proposal on this large undertaking and as I knew he would he sighed and then laughed but he is on board. He knows from his days off how badly the boys need to just get away from each other. Don’t get me wrong they do not fight all day everyday by any means. So here is my proposal.

First of all If you remember right for this post of the boys room that their room is very large. It is actually the length of the house. When the house was built it was a large unfinished room and I am thinking it was intended to be used as a family room or a master bedroom and master bath but when we bought this house the people that lived here just painted it put a door on it and added sticky tile flooring (which I hate). So this room will become Mr. Leiberts and I’s room along with it being my sewing room/ vinyl cutting room (our in home business). We needed the big room so we still have our work room. First of all we will clean out our work room fish trimming the room and Vinny will be in that one. next we will clean out the boys closet put some paint on the walls and move Croix into this room. The next move will be a 3 room move and will be the hardest. So our room has a dish hook up and we decided Brooke could have it because she is the oldest so we will have to move Brooke up to our room Will to Brookes room and us into the big room *sigh*. So then we will all nap *smile*.

So if you followed any of that well congratulations *smile*. We will not be starting this adventure for a few weeks because of my recent surgery. SO I am still in the process of healing and I am not going to prolong my healing by thinking I can do something way to early and whish I would not of. I think my main thing I am healing is my blood loss. So I get tired very easily plus we are super busy with our summer schedule with ball *sigh*.

I hope you all are having a great day.

  God Bless,


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