Friday, July 13, 2012

Praise the Lord Update ~ Wills Burns

Today there has been not one ask or need of pain meds!!! He is healing so amazingly. God has blessed us with amazing doctors and prayer warriors as friends.

As I unwrapped Will this morning I could see new skin a lot of it! Will even noticed that he is healing fast. He shows me where his pig skin is coming off (on its own the way it should). He was excited for me to trim it up. We left the house today which we are suppose to limit but we needed an outing so we headed downtown to get a free hot dog but they had ran out before we got there so we had pizza. Then we went to good ole Wally world as my dad calls it, to spend some birthday money. Will is very board at home but he loves his Legos so he wanted to spend his money on some new Legos.


They have taken over our living room. *smile*

I am going to thank you all again for prayers they have been so amazing! I know we still have a long road to go with the healing process but today was amazing! The mommy in is over joyed! God is so Great!!!

   God Bless,


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