Thursday, July 12, 2012

Update ~ Will’s day 4 & 5 at home

Well I have to say God is so great! He has been here with us this whole way. He is healing Will so quickly. He does not look pretty but we can see the skin growing each day. It is so amazing.

We have had a couple of bumps in the road. Like when he went to sleep the other night and he somehow took off a his bandage off his hand which thank God nothing happened to it because it is the most severe and the also the hand is the hardest to heal. He then must have been itchy on his right elbow because when we looked in on him in the morning the pig skin on his right elbow was off and his left hand was a little bloody. Then we went to look at his back and some how the pig skin on his back had rolled up. Well you can imagine our thoughts that ran thru our minds about having to have things redone. I prayed a lot that morning and my prayers were answered. We had to trim it all up and keep it covered with some medicine on it to keep it moist which would help the healing process. We did take him into the local clinic for help with the trimming and to help us clean him up.

During the day has been pretty good. He plays good with legos.


He has also stated painting his model with his left hand



Vinny was helping him. See all the cards on his shelf he loves them!

Here is what his burns look like now.


If you can see the the elbow area that he had taken off the pig skin. It looks kinda like “road rash” Which means it has healed so fast! Praise the Lord.


Here is his right hand this loos actually really good. I know it does not look good but it is.


This is the best looking spot he has.


Here is his back. The pig skin on most of his back has came off. This looks good too.

We thank you all so very much for all of your thoughts and prayers. We have felt them. God has provided in so many ways during this journey. With all these extra expenses we have prayed for direction and He has shown us love from our church family. They have brought us over meals which has help us so much. I can’t thank them enough. God will always provide if you just have faith.

    God Bless,


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  1. I am so sorry your little man is going through this! I am so grateful it is healing so well.


Have a Blessed day.