Sunday, May 20, 2012

The loss of a baby

    Knew that there was a high chance that we would loose this baby just like we have lost so many before. Tears have fell and still fall often. I am still very blessed to have been able to still become pregnant we thought for the longest time it would never happen again. I did say before that I was going to enjoy every moment of life with this baby and I did. It was so much better this pregnancy just enjoying being pregnant and not worrying everyday that what day will be our last. I made sure I was as healthy as could be and did everything the doctor told me to do so I know that this loss is not my fault.

     I do have to tell you of some dreams I was having for about a month or so. I know that God tells us things thru our dreams and I believe that he told me something thru my dreams. I kept having dreams about a little girl with disabilities over and over again. So I assumed that God was getting me ready for our little girl. I was okay with this because I would have been happy with any blessing He would give us. But now I realize He was telling me why He took her was to not suffer. This saddens me but He knows best.

     I do hope one day He will bless us again with a babe, and if He doesn't I will still be very blessed with the beautiful children we have. God has control of this part of our lives and I know He will always do what's best.

      I am still recovering for the surgery and the hospital stay I do ask for prayers for a quick healing.


    God Bless,



  1. Hugs to you Jen. Such a heart breaking thing... I love your faith.

  2. So sorry for your loss Jen, prayers coming to you and your family!


Have a Blessed day.