Monday, March 5, 2012

The boys room make over

We have well what you would call the boys room. It is more like a dormitory of crazy boys. We thought they needed a little bit of a make over. It is not quite done yet. We need to paint and carpet their room but here is what we have done so far.


Butterfinger is a HUGE Husker fan. As he says “I bleed Husker Red”! He is also a raceing fan too as you can see from pictures on the wall. I let the boys decorate the walls them selves. and I think they do pretty good. I feel like they need to be able to have somewhere to express them selves.


I hate the shelves on the right side of the room. They will be coming down soon. I had to store a few things up there but I have been able to take my stuff down now we need to buy new shelves to put in place of these. He like to keep his special toys up there. Like his models he builds and things like that.


This is the other side of the room. These beds are bunk beds but with this had floor and no carpet we do not need any head injuries.


Yes yes I know we have a t.v. in their room. They are not aloud to use it that often. I think they actually have forgotten that it is in there most days.I bought that cabinet for only $20! It was a great buy. The little guys keep toys in it.


I let the boys pick out their bedding. Not sure why Snickers picked this one. But he wanted it and so there you go.


   This is Tootsie Rolls pick. I think they did a great job picking out their bedding.

Next we will put carpet in and paint. I can’t wait to get that done. If you noticed that they didn't not have any dressers that is because their closet is in the storage room. When I get to finished with that room I will show you it too. It has helped them to be able to keep their room clean with out having the clothes in there and also the space the dressers take up. This room is actually supposed to be a family room but we just needed it for their room. Maybe one day we will make it that. but as of right now this is what works for us.

   God Bless,


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