Sunday, January 23, 2011

Work boxes system

Here is our work box system. That we absolutely love! The picture above is what we use for our boxes. We found them at Wal-mart for $4.00 each but what I do is put what they are to do for the day and then as they finish the work in the box they put the number on a chart that is on the side of their desks. This has help them see how much work they have done and how much they have left before school is done.

Here is what is in each box.

  • Box "1" they have their devotion book a Bible and their journal. The older 2 read their devotion for the day, study some scriptures then they write in their journals. While they write in their journals I start to read for the Bible and Will and Croix listen and we all discuss what we just read.
  • Box "2" We have our Math. We use Math-u-see for them. The curriculum we use suggest Saxon but we have switched to Math-u-see because they seem to understand it easier.
  • Box "3" we combine a few things because we do not have enough boxes yet. In this one they have they Language Arts, vocabulary words and copy writing. What I plan to do is separate them up a little more so they only have one thing in each box.
  • Box "4" Is their reading book that I choose from the Robinson Curriculum that we use. These books are awesome! The kids really seem to enjoy them.
  • Box "5" We have Science and History in this box. I want to have separate boxes for these too. For science I found some old science text books from and antique store from a local school and for History we use books from the Robinson Curriculum
So I know there is only 4 boxes but I have a folder that we us as a box till I get a few more.
Here is where they put their numbers after they finish the boxes.
This just happens to be how we store our boxes right now.

I just can not say enough about this system! It has helped us so much. Okay mostly me because I am less stressed about making sure I do not forget about something they need to do that day. Now I have it all set up and no more worries. Also they get done a little faster because well I have competitive children and they are always looking to see what box the other one is on and who will get done first.


  1. Thank you for the details on how you use workboxes with the Robinson curriculum. We've used Robsinson for a while, but I'm looking into adding in the workboxes for even more independence for the kids. It helps to see how others have pulled it off. Thanks!

  2. You are very welcome!! I just love how the workboxes have help with our daily lives! What a blessing.

  3. Hi
    Are you still using the workboxes with RC? How's it going so far? I'm considering it for my 6 and 9 year old. What do you do for writing, my 9 year old girl is a reluctant writer?


    1. Well it looks a little diffrent now. We don't use as many boxes. Each child has 1 or 2 boxes and a check list of what needs to be done. I am going to go back to this way though. I feel like the kids seemed to work better with this way. We still use RC as part of our day. But not to the full extent as we used too. My younger boys I read the books to them they still read the readers and other reading biiks but the ones that deal with History I read it to them and we discuss it and then they Notebook about it. I want to make sure they are understanding them. I brought in a living science for them also. My oldest boy uses a text book from Rod and Staff for Science and History. He is more of a text book kind of kid.

      I love work boxes and RC they work well together. I hope this pst helps you in some way.

      GOd Bless, Jen


Have a Blessed day.