Meet the Leiberts

Here is My wonderful husband and I. We are high school sweet hearts. 
We have been married since August of 1997.
What a wonderful crazy fun life we have.
 Here is our oldest Brooke "Kit-Kat". She is such a sweet girl.
She is so helpful around the house and let me tell you this girl
is so faithful. She Love Jesus with all her heart and she will make sure 
you know it!

 This is Vinny "Butterfinger" he is 10 and takes after his dad 100%!.
He loves anything to do with racing and cars (which thats what his
daddy loves too). He is daddys name sake and looks just like him. 
This little man is such a gentleman opens doors for his mommy
and other girls :)

 Here is Will "Tootsie Roll" he is 7 and is the sweetest little man alive!
He is an over the top kinda guy which is a great thing 
most days. He is such a bright boy and a bit shy.
I believe he is a bit of a ladies man too.

 Here is the baby Croix "Snickers" he is 4 and well full of it! 
He is full of so much sweet, loves, hugs, kisses, and naughty
                                                   all at the same time. He is one of a kind :)

How we meet?
We meet actually at a couple of times before we actually talked. The first time we actually talked was back in 1995 at the Wal-mart snack bar. I was working there but not that day I had just went in to get my pay check. A friend of my introduced us and we talked for hours that day. We were inseparable from that moment on.

Why do we homeschool?
Here on this page you will see why we homeschool

How do you say my sons name Croix?
I get this question alot. Well its pretty simple the "x" is silent you say it like you would Troy but instead of the "T" you use the hard "K" sound. If you look at the rest of my kids names you will notice I really am not into odd names but Vince and I decided when I was pregnant with him if it was a boy he would name him and if it was a girl I would name him. Well even though I knew we had said that I still thought I would get my way. But I did not. He saw the name Croix on a t.v. show it is also an island part of the Virgin Islands. Maybe one day we will go there I have seen pictures of it and that island is beautiful.

What religion are we?
We are Christians but we are members of a local church called Parkview Baptist Church. We love it there! We feel so welcomed and loved there and most importantly we feel Gods love there.

How many Children do you want?
We will let God decide this one for us. He has blessed our family in so many ways. We did not always feel that we should let God have control over it but we have found out though life lessons that if we let God have control over everything in our lives we he will always be there for us. He knows what is best for us and we need to ask for direction in all areas. 

Please feel free to contact me at Thank you Jen