Sunday, January 22, 2012

From my Grandma Vivian

Oh the wonderful memories I have of my Grandmother. The world lost her I was 12 years old. I only had just a few short years with her but she taught me so much in the few years she had left after I was born. My Grandmother was born as Vivian White on September 27, 1905 in Wayne Co. Utah. She and my Grandfather moved to Las Vegas in 1928 and my Grandfather also worked on the Hover Dam. I am always so proud of my Grandfather, telling people that he helped build it. I never did get the chance to meet him as he died when my mother was very young.

As I sit here writing this I remember spends days at Grandmas helping her bake, watching her sew then her teaching me to sew and crochet. I still remember  the day she taught me to wash dishes for the first time. Me standing next to her on the dinning chair. Oh the beautiful flowers in her yard. Picking strawberries together, and the little glass candy dish she always had full of redhots. So many more memories.

My cousin who is on facebook had posted some pictures of her and I am going to share them with you.



grandma 2


In this picture from left to rights Clipta Jean, William, Wilma, Ralda, Vivian,

I have to give you a little story on my aunt Clpta Jean. When she was born there was an eclipse of the sun that day so my grandmother named her Clipta Jean. She goes by Jean now.


Now the cute little blonde is my mother Patricia then Grandma and my Aunt Vician.


Clipta Jean, Patricia, Vician, Ralda


This one here is my favorite! The whole family (well before my mom came along). Look at all these beautiful girls. I do have to tell you when I was going through these pictures I was so excited to see that 2 of my boys resemble my Grandfather that I never had the chance to meet. My middle boy William who I named after my grandfather William has the same face shape as him and from other pictures I seen of him when he was younger he looks a lot like him. Then there is my oldest boy Vincent Jr who looks just like his daddy but we could never figure out where he got his ears and now I see they come from my grandpa!




This is how I remember her. So full of life. From all the activities that she did you would have never guessed she was in her mid eighties. She was able to be so active because she was so health cautious. You would never see processed food in her kitchen.



This is her with my step grandpa Otto.This was at “The Farm” in Utah.



She would write to us all the time. I know I have some letters from her that were to me but not quite sure where they are. Here are a few poems she wrote.



This one was to my mother.


I am not sure who wrote this one. I am guessing it was her churches news letter.



There is so much to say about my grandmother. I just can’t do write anymore I am about to cry form all the memories. I have always looked up to her and tried to model my life after hers. She was such a great roll model. I wish my children could of meet her. They will one day in heaven where she is waiting. Oh dear Grandma how I miss and love you so much.

    God Bless, 


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