Thursday, December 9, 2010

A little nudge and watch them fly

It is Thursday and this week has went so well. Ever since we changed to the Robinson Curriculum our lives have changed for the better. The house during schooling hours is much more calm. I have more time to spend with Croix now and he gets into less trouble now. I knew I was not spending enough time with him but I didn't know what else to do because I had to teach(which I love). Now that the children are learning to teach themselves it has been amazing. I see the confidence in their eyes, the excitement in their faces when they start a new book or when they figure out math problems on their own. What an amazing thing they are accomplishing all on their own. I just provide the materials and they do the rest.

The only difference I do with Will is he does his copy work on his own, we do flash cards for math and then he reads to me. He is doing so great for being only 6. We use the McGuffy readers right now. We first used 100 lessons to teach your child to read. He reads that to me me then I pick a few books out and then he reads those to me too. He is doing so well. Today while reading some Curious George books, I wish I could have taken a picture right when he realized he could sound out any word and get it right. I had a tear in my eye just seeing that his mind now understands he can read anything he wants. I have also found a online math facts and that is what he uses sometimes. Today he used it and he did great he got every one of them right! I think if he keeps on going the speed he is at now we should be starting subtraction by the 1st of January. That would be so exciting for him. He wants to start them already but I said he had to get the addition all memorized before we move on. I hope we can start multiplication before we are into summer. I cant even imagine having a 6 year old that knows his multiplication facts!! This is just one of the great things the Robinson Curriculum does for us. It made me realize that all I need to do is just give them a little nudge and watch them fly!


  1. Thanks for sharing your blog; great posts! =)
    Your 6 yr old is doing fabulous! My 6 yr old is just now tracing letters/copywork, reading flash/phonic cards from our McGuffey Primer (this is his first week w/ it), and playing w/ his addition. His maturity is very young, but we do the 3 R's everyday...gotta love that RC stuff! =)

  2. He is doing great! I give that to the Lord who has helped me every step of the way. I do Love the RC curriculum it has helped us a ton! Good luck with your son. One step at a time and lots of praying :)


Have a Blessed day.