Friday, January 20, 2012

Just another sweet day on our adventures.

I am just at awww all the time when it comes to our homeschool. How you can be so stressed out on how in the world will I teach them this or that but God just has a way of working everything out. I have surrender myself to my Heavenly Father  each day and trust that he will get us through another day and the children will actually learn something. It always work out. My prayers are pretty much the same unless I have a certain issue that we are working on. They go something like this.

Dear Heavenly Father, Please forgive me for my sins and please be with us on this day of school that we will accomplish all that’s needed and whatever else You my Lord would like us to learn. Soften my children's hearts towards one another and towards their lessons that they will all get along and get their lessons learned. Lord please be with me that I will have the strength to get thru the day and please make me beautiful inside for everyone to see. Lord I ask these in your sons name Jesus Christ Amen

I know it is so important to pray every single day before we get our day started. I ask you all who are reading to pray each morning before you start your days and see how well your life can really run. I know that if I forget to pray in the morning my day really suffers. Its not only my day that suffers it is others that suffer too. I just don’t run right without my dose of Jesus in the morning.

So here is a look at another one of my wonderful Beautiful days in our adventures in homeschooling.

Calendar time with Snickers



Math time for Snickers.




Don’t they all look so sweet learning?


Her is Tootsie Roll working on hi phonics.


At our house we do a lot of copy work to learn hand writing, memorization, spelling, punctuations and much more. I also have them write stories for us. The can draw pictures on it what ever they want. Butterfinger was asked to write on a question that I asked. Well since you can tell he is a boy and what boy doesn’t like super hero's. SO my question was What super hero is your favorite and why? Oh man this one turned out so cute. I just loved how he added so much detail. He like Flash (not sure which on that is) and for the commas he used lightening bolts SO creative!


For Snickers we are still using the Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons and we love it. I made some flash cards out of blank index cards of the words and sounds he learns each day so we can use the cards not just the book. I think when he looks at the book and read from it he becomes a little overwhelmed. This has helped that a ton. 


Tootsie Roll posing for the camera. Not sure if he is trying to be a model???? Well you just never know. But here he is doing his math facts wrap ups.


Tootsie Roll is learning how to count money so we do that about everyday and so which in turn makes Snickers want to learn how to do it to. So Butterfinger told him after he was done with his lessons he would teach him to count money. The are just so cute huh?


God bless,


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