Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Off they go

Off they go to school. What a fun couple of days of buy school supplies and getting everything ready. Will and Croix went off this week to their first days of public school. They are only going for the rest of the school year.


Here is Will being silly and not letting me take a picture of him on his first day.


My silly Croix boy trying out his back pack. Can you see how excited he was.


Here is Croix on his first day.

We were all pretty excited to find out that Wills teacher is none other then our youth pastors wife! She is such a sweet heart. I met Croix’s teacher and I liked her too. When I talked with the teachers it seems like they are both just a little ahead in some areas and right on track in other.

I so wanted to take a picture of them in their rooms but I think that would have been pushing my luck.

I am writing right now watching the clock waiting for it to 3:30 so I can go pick them up to see how their day went. I miss them dearly.

Here at home Drake and I have been having such a nice quiet day. He is such a sweetheart and on the good side of them going to school we will get a lot of one on one time.

I just can not believe how blessed I am. God is so good.

God Bless,



  1. I hope your reunion at the end of the first day was joyful. :)

    1. It was thank you :) but Croix is not wanting to go back. He says he doesn't like it. I knew this would happen just thought it wouldn't happen so soon. He had never been away from mom this long which is one of the reasons why we started homeschooling. Next school year will come and we will be back to it. I think this will be good for him.


Have a Blessed day.