Monday, September 5, 2011

Little Man

summer 20011 097

summer 20011 098

This was a fun little afternoon we had after we finished our school day. It was a nice afternoon and the kids wanted to go to the skate park. Which I will post those pictures later. I had a fun little photo shoot with Croix I had to have a special post just for him. He had finished skateboarding and was playing in a tree by the skate ramps and he was so cute so I just couldn’t resist taking pictures of him. This little man is so cute I still can not believe he is my youngest one and he is already 4!! So here we go! ENJOY!!

summer 20011 101summer 20011 099summer 20011 100summer 20011 102summer 20011 105summer 20011 103summer 20011 104summer 20011 108summer 20011 106summer 20011 084

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