Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Makers Diet

I just started this book a few days ago and I am hooked. My search to keep my family healthy has lead me to this book. A friend of mine read it and she told me she enjoyed it. This book is first about a young mans struggles with illness which turns out to be a severe case of Chronis Disease which almost kills him. His parents went on a search to help save the life of their son. They finally can across and Doctor after 2 years of trying everything that told him he needed to eat like God had intended him to.

I started on my own journey a few years ago to eat the way our ancestors did because if you research even a few hundred years ago people were so healthy and you go back even farther there were very few to no cancer, heat disease, stomach illnesses, diabetes and so on. I do get the common argument that people didn’t live as long as we do now and well that is pretty much because of our medical technologies. If you look back you see that if someone died at an early age it was normally not because of poor health it was usually because of an accident or death in childbirth.

So what does all this say? I am thinking that it means that we need to eat the way God intended! So what does this mean? It means eat as much organic un processed food as we can. Now if most of you are like me I can not afford to eat all organic. So I pick and choose and I pray that one day I will be able to buy all organic. Also we need to obey God commandments that He gave us. Now I know that we all think that the only commandments that  God gave Moses is just the “10 commandments” but its not. There was this guy named Constantine who decided long ago that everyone needed to be Roman Catholic and that Christian needed to get rid of all the feast, rituals and some of the laws that he didn’t want to do. This doesn’t mean that we all are bad people now but it does mean that we should try to do what we can to follow his laws.

Things that we do not eat. Pork, fish that do not have fins and scales, processed food, no scavenger animals. There are more things but I am am still trying  reading and learning more of Gods word.

So back to the book. I am not totally done with it. I do have to say I will not be able to incorporate all what he says. He has this 40 day plan for you but I am not going to do that. If I or one of my family members were ill I would do the 40 day plan. But instead I am going to do as much  s possible. But if you want to learn to eat better for your family and just can not do all of this I suggest taking all the whites out of your diet first. No white flour, white sugar, white rice and cut most or all the processed (boxed and frozen) food.. Use whole wheat, honey and whole grain brown rice. So give these things up and just see what happens.

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