Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday afternoon Car show

After church this Labor Day weekend we decided to head over to the car show at the Fair Grounds to see Grandpa Steve and his Hot Rod he built. Along with seeing him the boys were very excited to see the rest of the cars there too. So we arrived and the boys were in heaven and  Brooke not so much, but she played a good sport. After walking through the car show we went and had so ice cream some very yummy ice cream Mmmmmmmm…… I had Rocky Road yummy!!! # of the kids had Chocolate chip cookie dough and Croix had Cotton candy. Of Course! Here are some pictures of our day. Enjoy!

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I loved this car. They had a fake set of legs under it.

summer 2011 050summer 2011 052summer 2011 053such a cool looking car.

summer 2011 054summer 2011 055

And here is Grandpa Steve's car!

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I Love this one!! Croix boy is such a cutie!!

summer 2011 064

Look at Willy Stubs eyes! He's so ornery!!

summer 2011 067

summer 2011 068

Croix Boy took this picture. He did a great job!

Here is our little Ice cream stop.

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All in all we had a nice outing. I was sad that dad didn’t get to come with us. He had to work. Maybe next time he can come with us.

God Bless


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