Sunday, December 30, 2012

My thoughts on next years curriculum 2013-2014

Okay I have been doing a lot of research and if you know me personally you know I am a research the heck out of something before I decide on it. Especially when it comes to homeschooling my children. The reason why I am already thinking about next year it is just the time of year I do this and buy things I will need for next school year that way it is spread out for a longer period of time instead of just buying all at once. So I have a few options I am thinking about right now. I am not sure the exact curriculum I will be using but I here are what I have narrowed them down too.

Option #1

History- Will and VInny would be doing this together. Then Croix sitting in and taking in as much as he can at this age.

ancient world task card set

This is from Creek Edge Press. I have been wanting to do Ancient World history for the up coming school year. Then do a 4 or 5 year cycle starting with Ancient then moving to medieval and so on up to present day. This looks like a very neat way to do history. We would be using task cards. With these task card you use one pre week and do the list of things on them.

Science – This will be for all 3 again just like above.

life science Task card set

So here again is from the same company and the same kind of style using the task cards.

Math – .

learning numbers with spunky

Croix will be finishing up his book he has started. There are actually 2 books to the set he is working on. He is is doing a first grade level book and about half way thru the first set






Will- This is wills book that I found at an antique store. I love these old books that I find here. This one was actually printed in 1934 and was owned by a district school here in Nebraska. I love thinking about how many kids learned using this book. I also love these older arithmetic books because they teach how to actually understand math not just do this because this is the formula. This book is actually for 3rd – 4th grades. But the level of this book is higher then most of the grade level books out there you buy now.


rays math  Vinny- I have this book downloaded on to my computer and will be printing it off to use. As I told you before I love the older books. I still don’t know why schools went away from them.







Language Arts-

Croix- will be doing copy work and learning phonics using the McGuffey readers.

Will – Is going to start probably half way thru this book. Called New Language exercises. He will also be working thru the next McGuffey reader.

Vinny- Pinneo’s Primary Grammar THis book he will start somewhere in the middle also.

Option #2


1st grade rod and staff

This is from Rod and staff. I really like this site.


4th grad rod and staff


7th grade rod and staff


Option #3

History, Science-

Creation to the Greeks from My Fathers World for all 3 of the boys. I have been wanting to try this curriculum for quite some time now.










Language Arts-


primary language lesson


intermedeniate language lessons

These 2 books are recommended by My fathers world.

These are my top 3 choices for the next year. I am kind of stuck with what to pick. I guess I could get my dear husbands input *smile*. Any ideas for you all what we should do? I am really wanting to find something affordable and that would not cause me extra stress because we will have a new baby in the house.


  1. Personally I'd go with My Father's World . . . but that's because combining everyone as much as possible has the most appeal to me after I've had a baby . . . actually all of the time! I also like option #3 because all of the materials are high quality and they look like the most straightforward, easiest to implement options, too.

    Happy choosing!!

    1. This is my favorite option also but the price is what is getting me.


Have a Blessed day.