Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Home made Yogurt

So here is another one of those easy things to make at home and it cost way less and you know what is in it because you put it in there *smile* You can flavor it however you want I use it a lot in cooking. It makes wonderful pancakes!

So you are going to need 2 ingredients!!

Whole milk and yogurt starter.


Don’t forget to read you label on the back to make sure it has active cultures.

Yogurt starter is simply plain yogurt with live cultures in it. You can buy it at the store or you can use some from a batch you or a friend made. So if you keep a couple of cups off each batch you will never have to buy yogurt again!! This is good for us because we go through a lot of yogurt. You also will need to use whole milk also it just wont work with others. Trust me I tried.

First off you will add milk to a pan. I do a whole gallon at a time so my batch is always pretty big. You first bring the milk to a boil stir often so it does not burn. then remove from heat.


Now you let it cool. This may take awhile. Mine took a couple of hours too cool to room temp. You don’t want to kill the good cultures in your starter by putting them in while it is too hot. Just test with your finger.

Once it is cooled add your yogurt starter. I added about a 2 cups to my 1 gallon. Now you are going to place a towel over it and set it out over night about 12 hours.

Next you will place it into your containers you will be using and let it sit in the frig for at least a few hours. Now you have yogurt! you can flavor it however you want.


You may notice it is not as think your first time making it. But as you make it and use the starter from each batch it becomes even better.

Some things I do with my plain yogurt.

  • add some to a pancake recipe
  • flavor with honey, vanilla, any fruit (love blue berries)
  • Add to my oatmeal in the morning with a bit of honey and some blueberries
  • I have used it in place of sour cream in a pinch

There is so much you can do with it. I hope you enjoy your yogurt!

   God Bless,


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