Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Home made sour cream

There are so many things you can make at home not just to save money but also to know what is in it. Sour cream is one of those things and it is so easy to do. You only need 2 ingredients!

Cultured Buttermilk and heaving cream


You can buy them both from any supermarket. You can also make buttermilk too. Which you can look in recipes for that. It has to be cultured buttermilk.

So you ready for this super easy recipe?!

First you find a glass jar. I used one of those salsa jars with the wide mouth. You fill the jar about 3/4 full (or however much you want to make) with heavy cream then you add some buttermilk. my Jar was pretty short so I put about 2 – 3 T in it. If your jar is bigger add more.

Now here comes the tricky part *smile* take a paper towel or some other cover that can breath and set it on top of the jar and place a rubber band to hold it on. Phew……. Okay now that hard part is over place it on you counter and let it sit for 12-24 hours. This just depends on how warm your kitchen is. I did mine at about 4pm last time and when I got up in the morning it was done!


Look at that!!! SOUR CREAM!!

P.S. It is super yummy!!!

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  1. Isn't making your own stuff empowering! I really love that I can buy more basic ingredients and use them to make several of the specific combinations that I need at home. It makes shopping so much easier AND cheaper and I know it's much better for our health! Thanks for the variation on the methods I gave you for making sour cream and yogurt! I was expecting something different when I opened these posts,I was delightfully surpised! Your methods sound so much easier to do with less equipment like a crockpot or cheese thermometer. I'm all about simplifying! I can't wait to try your methods, although I might still slightly warm the cream before adding the buttermilk, but since my cow calved yesterday, my cream will probably be warm when it comes out of the seperator so I probably won't need to warm it. I've also heard of people who have cows just adding the yogurt culture directly to their warm filtered milk after milking and letting it sit for several hours until it thickens to make their yogurt. Might have to try that too!


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