Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Enjoying Gods country

I so love hiking but there are not many places close by that we can do this. This day we went to go see Brooke at Girl scout camp and well she is 24 and not to thrilled with us stopping by and chatting. I pray that will end soon. I miss my girl. So we decided to head out for a walk around the grounds. We were walking around the buildings and saw that there is a Family camp and it is the weekend of our anniversary also we have not been able to go on a summer vacation due to the extra expenses with Will’s hospital stay and all that comes with that. So we have decided that we will take a family trip for our 15 year anniversary. We have noticed Gods call to spend more quality time with our children and this will be a  great opportunity to do this. So we are going to barrow a camper and head out there. You can rent a cabin but it makes it a lot cheaper to take your own camper. We are all very excited.

Anyways here are some pictures from our little hike which I did not plan on so I wore my normal shoe attire for summer. Flip Flops well that was not too fun but it was worth it we were able to see fawns up close which I was not able to take pictures of my phone would not take a clear one of them.


Croix was so excited to look at everything.


Here they are looking at the deer trail and looking to see if they could see anymore deer.


I did not dress everyone in Red and black but they all seemed to have the same idea of color coordinating. *smile* I on their other hand was wearing a pink summer dress so I guess it had a bit of red in it.


They were super thirsty when we got back as you can see them drinking straight from the facet.

It was a fun little hike and I think we need to do this more but with the right attire. (no flip flops) We even was blessed with a little bit of rain on our hike. You would think we would not of enjoyed being rained on but we are in such a horrible drought here that it was very welcomed and it helped cool us off *smile*.

Next time we go I will take a better camera and try to get some more shots of this beautiful landscape. Maybe the river bed will have water in it when we go back out there at the end of August.

  God Bless,


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