Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Update ~ Wills burns day 3 at home (graphic pictures)

Day 3 of being home was really not home because Will had a doctors appointment in Lincoln. We all had to be up and out of the house by 7:30am. Well if you were to stay with us for a couple of day you would realize that well we are not a morning family. But we were up and out of the house by then. There was a lot of road construction on the way there and we were 10 minutes late. But we made it.


Croix and Will playing in the office

We were called into the room and I have to say yet again these people are amazing! Well they were not so amazing making my Will cry while taking off the bandages, But that is the momma bear in me, *smile* They told us that the grafts looked good. Just moist and they need to dry. Which is what we are working on for the next week. We have new orders now which is to keep him unwrapped as much as possible. We need to bandage him if we leave but we were told to stay close to home because he needs that pig skin to dry and start to come off and we have to trim off the dried parts (not looking forward to that). Poor guy he has some major anxiety right now about anyone coming to close and hurting him. This is going to be a long few weeks. *sigh* God is with us.

After his appointment we w\had promised Brooke that she could go to the mall to spend her money she had saved. We did that and ate at the mall to next we had promised the boys that we would take tem to Toys R Us to look around. See we are so sheltered that when we go to Toys R Us we play and leave with out buying because it so overwhelming the amount of toys *smile* We then headed home.

After we got home I dropped off the boys and Vince and Brooke and I went to a Visitation of a dear friend of ours 10 year old boy. The strength that I seen from the parents was so amazing. You could see the trust that they had in God that he had a plan.

We came home and found that some of our sweet neighbors had brought over some cookies and a nerf gun. Will was pretty excited about that. Then Vince received a text message from a family from church that there was some cards for us on our back deck they had placed there that the children in Sunday School made for him. That was so sweet. He has a shelf in his room that goes along 2 walls and well it is filled with 18 cards from his friends from church. *smile*



Isn't this so sweet.

Well now came bed time and we had to trim off some of the dried pig skin and well it took us an hour and a half to get him to even come close to him because he knew what we had to do and he was afraid it was going to hurt. He is really having some anxiety and we ask for prayers for this. Well Vince had to finally hold him down while I cut it. After I cut it he was like Wow that didn’t hurt and all was right with the world. Now it is 12:30 am and I am finally finishing this blog post that I started at 9pm before we started with getting him ready for bed. We have to cover him back up before bed and if we have to leave. That’s not the hard part it is watching him beg us not to trim the skin.

I wanted to show you all what his burns look like with the pig skin on. If you have weak stomach please do not scroll down any more.


This is a picture of his back as you can see. He does have a few spots that do not have the pig skin on because either it ripped off in just movement or they just did not put it there.


This is of his right hand


Here is his right arm he also has burns on hi elbow too which I did not take a picture of


This is his left arm. Look at that smile.

If you see how the edges of the skin is peeling up that is where we have to trim .

Again I ask for prayers for his anxiety and for Vince and I to know how to help him understand what we are doing is for the best and that we will not hurt him as we are treating him. This right here has been so hard for us. I praise the Lord that he is not as bad as he could have been. I know God has a plan I just hate that it has to be so painful for one of my children. He knows all.

   God Bless,


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  1. Happy to hear that Will is healing. If you need anything let us know.


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