Monday, July 9, 2012

Will’s burns update ~ 1st and 2nd day home

God is so amazing! Will is doing pretty good for what he has went thru. He is in good spirits even though he is in pain. I can see it but he will not tell you that he hurts. I love that he is tough but I wish that he would just let me know when he is uncomfortable. I know that he is in pain pretty much all the time but the medicine make him more comfortable.

Wills first full day home was pretty up and down. We had some really good moments and some not so good. One not so good moment was when I was helping him getting dressed for the day. He is not able to take a bath so we have to give him a sponge bath so I helped him get out of his clothes and I helped him wash up but letting him do much of it to give him the sense  that  he can do things on his own, I was looking at his back bandage and it was shifting and not covering his grafts and was causing him pain when I pulled off his pants. My heart dropped when he screamed out. His P.J.’s had stuck to it. So I called up my father and asked him to bring an ACE bandage to wrap it around him. I was so nervous fixing his back bandages but all went well. I had to move them around to cover his grafts and then I wrapped his torso with the ACE bandage. He looked up at me afterwards and told me how I was better then the nurses and that didn’t hurt one bit, and how his back felt better with that wrap on. *smile*.

Some Great friends of ours brought over a meal for us to enjoy. Love you Matt and Julie *smile*

I also had to call the hospital and ask them about Will being dizzy a lot. They are so helpful *smile* God really gave those people in the burn unit the hearts for this kind of care.  Si we decided to bring down his dose a little bit and that helps so much. He went for 9.6 ml every 3 hours to 8 ml ever 5 hours.

Here are some pictures of day 1



Sleeping after a long hard day.

Day 2 went a little better. He was not dizzy at all today. Yet his pain was managed. It is Sunday but we decided not to go to church. We were a little nervous someone would bump into him and he would hurt him. So we hung out at home. I got caught up on laundry. We also needed to clean up the yard from all the fireworks trash and to take doe the volleyball net we put up for the BBQ. Later that afternoon Vince went to race. He took Vinny with him. They left and it was just Will , Brooke, Croix at home. A couple from the church I used to go to came by and brought some food. How sweet they were.

Brooke had Bible study and our couples bible study was tonight too. So the boys and I went the church and enjoyed some time with friends. Most of the people that were there on the 4th were here at bible study. It was nice to enjoy Gods word. We are studying James and it happen to be about trial that God lets us go thru to strengthen our faith. What a great topic.

Well I close the day with  a prayer request for our trip to see the doctor (2 1/2 hr drive) to be safe and that Wills grafts are doing well.


Will and Vinny playing checkers.

     God Bless


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