Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Awanas award night

In May the boys had their awards night. I know I know it has been awhile since May *smile*. I thought I would still share.


We are going to start with Croix. This was his last year in cubbies. Cubbies is for the 3 years- kindergarten. Since he is starting kindergarten this school year he will be moving up to sparkys.  At the beginning of the evening the cubbies sang a couple of songs then they were awarded for finishing their memory verses. Croix finished his book! We were so proud of him but if you can see in the next picture he was pretty proud too. He worked very hard memorizing bible verses this year.




Next we have Will. Look at that smile! *smile* This boy here was very excited too he worked so hard and finished his book too. He did his last verse on the last night of Awanas.



Here is Vinny and yet again we had another child finish a book. But not just 1 he finished 2 this year!! He worked so hard. I would catch him at night when he was suppose to be sleeping he had a flashlight studying verses!


Look at this trophy! It has sparkles floating in it. He has all of his awanas stuff set up on his shelf in his room. He is proud of them and for good reason he has memorized over 100 bible verses *smile*



This last picture is of each of the directors for each age group. These ladies are so amazing. I helped out this year with Awanas but not even close too the amount of time they put in.

The boys are very excited to next year of Awana’s. Next year will be Vinny’s last year in Awanas. If your wondering where Brooke is in all this she is in youth group. She has grown so much these last couple of years she has been in youth group. She is on the worship team which is the youth band. I need to go to one of there meeting so I can take pictures of her singing.

I believe it is so important for us all to memorize bible verses. When those times in our live come up where God opens your mind to the verses that you memorized when you were a child to help you through whatever it is that you are going through at that moment. I as a child had not been in anything like this or was encouraged to memorize bible verses which I wish that I would have. Now being older it is a bit harder to memorize them. I am trying though. Maybe I should start a weekly post on this hmmmmmm…..

  God Bless,


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