Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Boy’s closet (more spring cleaning)

This may sound kind silly but we have a separate room for the boy’s closet. Well it is not only a closet it is also a storage room. We have this room because the boys room is actually not a real bed room yet. Their room is suppose to be a family room but our plans are to make their room into 2 rooms and add closets to make them official bedrooms. So to keep the mess of clothes out of their room we made a closet for them. Kind of like the Dugger’s. This actually makes laundry much easier for me too.  This room is not even close to being done but we are working on it. So here are the pictures of it so far.


As you can see there is a lot of sun that comes into this room. I need to put the curtains back up. The rod broke.


This is Butterfingers clothes. We are short dressers in this house.


This is the little boys dresser also I hung a shelf and rod up for their hanging clothes and on the shelf I have put their snow pants and some of their summer clothes there.



Now you see the storage stuff in this room. The Rubber maid tote is full of their shoes, Extra paint tennis rackets boxes of stuff and a mattress that for some reason we are keeping. I know it is in perfect shape I just hate keeping things that take up so much room. 

I can’t wait to get this room finished. I would like to make this a bedroom but still use it as storage if that makes sense. We are planning to add a small closet , carpet, farming the window and finish the drywall. All these dreams and so little funds to make it happen. God has blessed us so much and I have no feeling of I need more of anything these are just thoughts and dreams I have for my home.

  God Bless,


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