Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A day with a Kindergartener……


My little man Snickers is  doing such an awesome job learning. I can’t believe that he was ready to start school and not just fun play time school things. It is just amazing that he is learning so well. The curriculum that I use for him is considered a Preschool program From Rod and Staff but I incorporate more to it like the 100 easy lessons to read and some computer programs. We also are using this because they di not have a official kindergarten book. But if you look through these books they are pretty much what kindergarten would be doing. Learning shapes, letters, numbers, about the world around them and God.  This book is part of the curriculum we are using. We read a bible story and then he colors a picture for a color book that goes with this book.


Didn’t he do a great job!


This is the the workbook from the curriculum that we are on right now. We use this more like a review and also working on motor skills and working on his handwriting. Along with this book we are also adding and subtracting.




He loves to cut and paste!


After we are done with his workbooks and his reading lesson he does some online learning. As of right now he is using 2 programs one I pay for the other we are doing a review for the company which you will see in a couple of days. The one that we pay for is ABC Mouse and he LOVES it! He has been using it since the beginning of this school year and he is still loving it. It is a lot of fun with rewards and yet learning. There are I believe 7 levels to it. He is on level 6 now which is 5-6 year old kindergarten. I believe that you can do this program for free but it is limited use so you can try it out and see if you would like it.


Don’t you just love his mowhauk??



This one just happens to be a puzzle.

     God has blessed our family so much. When we listen to God’s calling for us He blesses us in so many ways. I know that when I felt the calling to homeschool I was like Really??? Me??? Why I am not that smart?? But now I see why. The blessing that we have received are so worth any stress that I have during the day. Also know that my children are not being left behind in a class room setting is so wonderful. One of my children struggles but is coming along nicely. he is almost caught up to his grade level. When I pulled him out of school he could barely read or do math he was in 3rd grade and at a 1st grade reading level and today he is 10 and is reading at a 4th and 5th grade levels and just starting 5th grade level math!! I am so happy for him. He still struggles a little but he is almost caught completely up!. Also one of the most important things that they are learning everything using Gods word to back it up. Like in Science 5th grade we are learning what you would in public school but praises are given to God in every aspect of life!

       I hope you enjoyed watching what a day in kindergarten looks like for us. It is a very fun time to learn and teach is this age. It is amazing the leaps and bounds you see daily.

  God Bless,


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