Sunday, January 15, 2012

Home made syrup

So this is something that we go thru a lot of. Syrup can be very expensive when you buy the stuff with out high fructose corn syrup. I try not to let our family eat that stuff! Well and my kids will not eat real maple syrup so I make it. The brand I normally buy that doesn’t have the yucky stuff in it is over $4 per jug. so this is a money saver for me! I just buy a new jug every once in a while.

So first of all you need to get some Mapleine flavor I think it is around $4 per bottle and I buy maybe 2-3 a year. So that’s a HUGE savings for our family!It is over by the extracts in the grocery store.


Here's what I do when I make my syrup. There are instructions on the box but I don’t do the same. Okay I don’t think I do I just do it by eye. So today when I made it I made sure to count and measure what I put into it.

  • In a sauce pan boil 1 cup of water
  • turn to low after boil
  • add sugar in 2/3 cup increments  to a total of about 2 cups ( I use Raw sugar). Between each 2/3 cup of sugar stir until sugar is completely dissolved. This is key other wise you will have a lot of crystalized sugar in the bottom of your jug.
  • stir in 1 tsp. of flavoring (you can add more if you want more of the maple flavor)
  • Let cool for about 20 minutes
  • then add to jug you want to use. Mine is 22 oz and it was filled up to the top. It will look very liquidy.
  • let cool completely with lid open then store in the refrigerator



Now you just use it like normal syrup. You can heat it up if you desire just make sure you use a jug you can do that with. I had this really awesome syrup jar that I could place in a pan of water on the stove to warm it up. I wouldn’t recommend placing in the microwave in less you put the syrup in a different container with the amount you want to warm.

I hope you find this useful to use in your home to save a few pennies.

    God Bless,


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  1. Sounds yummy, we love syrup over here too so I'm going to try this!

    Thanks for sharing!


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