Thursday, January 19, 2012

School Area in the Kitchen

I was pretty sad when I gave up my school room a few weeks ago so my children could have more space of their own. Which is awesome because now they can get away from one another when they need a break. It seems to make them like each other more. Maybe they will want to share rooms again one day but until then I had to find a solution for our school stuff. First things first I needed to see what we use on a daily bases and make sure that was in reach and that we didn’t have to search for it. I then put that stuff in a white cabinet that I was using to store some freeze dried food storage items. Then I had to bring my calendar time and white board into the area, I was nervous I wouldn’t be ok with this hanging on the wall, but I am liking it. Here are pictures of what I have done. I am sure I will change stuff around. But as for right now it works.

Here is the area.


Here is the calendar time area, It is in the corner of the room by the back door. the frig is directly across from this wall which is were the calendar is at.




And since we are studying US history this year I placed the big wall map on our table and put a clear vinyl cover over it ( I saw this at a friends house). I believe it cost me $2.97 at Wal-Mart.



So this is the white cabinet that I am using. If you see on the top shelf is our pens, pencils, colors, markers and the pick box has all the pieces to the calendar time area. The second shelf has 2 accordion style files one I keep new worksheets and paper that they use daily and the other is for the papers they have finished and I will file those with the year of schooling. they 3rd shelf has a bible reader a bible and the young persons bible from the Robinson curriculum that we read from daily. There is also work boxes that are there too. I love the work box system! I had to use 1 for each of the boys instead of the way we had it one for each subject so there would be enough room for all the stuff we needed. What I do is inside each box is folders that have their individual work in them they have the numbers like before and they just peel the number off when they are finished with the folder ( below pictured). on the last shelf is flash cards and a puzzle for now.



Well there you have it my school area. As for how long it will stay this way you just never know I may find a new room or we just might keep it this way for a while.

    God Bless


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