Sunday, September 4, 2011

Paper race cars


Most families have paper dolls in their houses but we have paper race cars

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Okay so here are some pictures I found on my camera that someone with those little feet took of their paper race cars. This is one of those things that my children love to do is to draw race cares and line them up and race them in a circle. This was something that I found out that their daddy did as a kid so now I know where they get it from. Vince did find a outline one day online so the kids do not have to draw their own car all they have to do is design their car. This is a very small number of the cars that we have. Each of the boys have their own zip-lock bag filled with them. I really need to take some pictures of them boys playing with them. They could spend hours coloring them then cutting them then racing. It is so cute. My favorite part is when daddy gets in on the deal and colors too. 

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