Thursday, September 1, 2011

Making the universe


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This year we are using Exploring Creation with Astronomy for my 3 boys (5th, 2nd, preK) Croix just hangs out and absorbs anything he can. They are enjoying this so far.I love unit studies! We all get to learn together. 



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Lesson 1 What is Astronomy? Well you should of see Wills face (2nd grade) when he saw the book and realized we were going to be learning about space.



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Why did God create the Universe? This is my favorite part of this book is it give all the glory to our Creator God! He should always be glorified!



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Not only do we learn about Astronomy but we also learn about God too. Here it was talking about the star that was shining in the sky when Jesus was born. So they learned about how God used the Stars as signs.



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So in this Lesson they learned all the planets names and the order they are in. If you can see they have Pluto in there as a planet so this is kind of an out dated book. But the new book is the same it just talks about the findings of Pluto not being a planet so what we did was just researched it and learned the truth.



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Another thing I love about this book is the projects that we get to do. So this section we made a model of the solar system.



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summer 20011 070

Our finished product! I think it turned out pretty darn good!

summer 20011 067


summer 20011 069


I am planning on hanging this up from the ceiling in our school room and as we study each planet we will string notes for each one. So maybe in the next day or 2 I will have it hung up. The next Lesson will be on the sun so hopefully we will have it up by the time we are finished with the lesson.

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