Thursday, September 1, 2011

Letter E

Letter E is what we are working on this week. Here Croix is using Dot-A-Dot paints to trace the letters. We are working thru the vowels first then on to the constants. We already did A and my camera was not working so I don’t have pictures for that letter.

summer 20011 127

summer 20011 128

He was so proud when he finished. What I have him do while he is tracing any letter is we make a game out of singing the letter and what sound the letter makes. I'm sure we sound silly but it works and that is what counts!

summer 20011 124

Here is some more tracing.You can also use this card for lacing but he hates lacing so we just trace it.

summer 20011 129

More tracing. First he uses his finger to trace it then writes it.

summer 20011 132

Look at him go!

summer 20011 133

Here he is doing prewriting. I laminated these and he uses a dry erase marker so he can do them daily.

summer 20011 134


summer 20011 117summer 20011 118

Lets match them. Here he is matching his “Big” E and “Little” e.

summer 20011 121

summer 20011 122

Size order.

There is much more I didn’t take pictures of. But just thought I would give you an idea of what he is working on.

I Love this curriculum!!! It is called the letter of the week by Confessions of a  Homeschooler. She does such a wonderful job! We use her social studies program too Which you will see in other post.




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