Saturday, July 7, 2012

One of the scariest days of my life Will was burned.

The 4th of July was not quite what we expected this year. We thought we would have our normal BBQ and fireworks with friends and family. It all started out like it normally does. We were pretty excited about this year we built a fire pit that we have been cooking smores and enjoying time sitting around a fire at night. Great family times. So Vince lit that and lit the grill to get the food started. People started showing up so we started bring food out and some of the kids were lighting firecrackers. I went inside to get some more food and I heard a rustle and a scream and I ran out the back door. One of our friends yells at me “CALL 911!! Will fell in the fire pit"!!” At that second I look to the left Vince yells at me “get the keys”! I get the keys run the the Suburban and we were off to the hospital. We made it there in I think 5 minutes so waiting for 911 was not an option. I did not get a good look at him till we started walking in to the hospital and I was so scared. I saw his back bubbling his right arm and hand had not much skin and his left fore arm the skin was gone too. This was a test of my will power not to turn into a ball of tears. I knew that would not help anyone. God was with us the whole time I could feel him.
It felt like hours for the doctor to come in and the morphine to even help his pain. Knowing that we live in a small town I was nervous about them treating him because they are not a burn unit. The doctor came in and he said right away he was going to call the burn unit in Lincoln. They called them and had them on a video conference with us. The looked at his burns and said that we need to come there. Which is 2 1/2 hours away! So they gave him another shot of morphine and sent us on our way.
We drove there making pretty good time all the while not speeding. *smile* The whole way we prayed I knew that there we so many people praying for us. We had left our friends an family at our house and I knew they were praying for us and Will. I know I could feel it.
So we got there and I do have to say that that hospital was amazing! They already had a room ready for us. As we were in there we seen kids come thru with burns from fireworks. Next came a very hard thing was when we had to take him into a very sterile looking room and a table that looked like it came out a morgue. It was medal with a drain all the way around it. They then told us they were going to wash him with water and not scrub him but we had to leave. As we were walking with the other nurse I could hear him crying. That was so hard. We then had to answer questions and wait for him to come to the room. When he did he was not crying he was wrapped up and comfortable. They had given him more morphine.
The doctor came and said that they would take him to the O.R. to do the scrubbing and then put pig skin on the burns. He said he does not want to do it while he was awake not only because it would be hard for him to stay still but because he did not want to traumatize him. Then it was time to get some sleep but that did not happen. Not only is it hard to sleep in a hospital but when you are nervous that he is in to much pain we could not sleep.
Before surgery
8am came and it was time for his surgery. That was hard to take him to the room and tell him we loved him and then go sit in the waiting room for the doctor to come in. They told us it would take about 45 minutes. And hour and a half later still not done. The nurse came in and said he is still working on him but not because there was any surprises but because he was doing a very meticulous job. We were grateful for that. His hand needs to heal well so he can use it fully.
So about 20 or 30 minutes after that the Doctor came in and talked to us about everything and that all went well. Then he told us to wait for the nurse to come get us when they had gotten him all settled . Well about 10 minutes latter a different nurse came in and said that Will was having a hard time getting pain under control and they thought he would do better with us in there. So we went down the hall got gowned up all the while we could hear him screaming and crying. We went in there and I was not ready for him to be in so much pain. So mommy instinct kicked in and we went to trying to calm him. Nothing was working until we started to whisper into his ear telling him to breath in and breath out. He started to finally focus on something little as breathing and he started to calm and  he then the morphine started working.
Sleeping after surgery
After all was right with the medicine and he took a little nap Great Grandma and Great Aunt Rose came to visit him. The rest of the day went pretty well. He ate and got up and walked around the floor. As long as his pain meds were on time he was in good spirits.
Look at that big smile!
Then later that evening Aunt Becky and Uncle Matt came over to see him. He was very happy to see them. They even brought him a comic book and a movie to watch to pass the time by. He was getting a little snappy and kept saying that he was not in pain and I finally asked the nurse to go ahead and give him some and with in 15 minutes he was smiling and wanting to go for a walk. Becky Will and I went for a walk and he decided that he was going to loose the old ladies and was trying to lap us. It was so sweet him being silly and giving all the nurses the “Will smile” I believe it was flirting *smile*.
Next day was his birthday. Poor guy had to spend part of his Birthday in the hospital and not feeling the best. Dad and I tried to still make it special. The nurses decided that they were going to do the same. He received presents from the staff and a birthday cupcake. It was so sweet.
His presents
Here he is working on coloring with his left hand.
During this time we were waiting for the doctor to come in and check on his burns. When he came in they took back into the first wash room he was in before and yet again they told us to leave. He was so smiley when he went and and then again we could here him crying. It was so heart breaking. After a lot of tears he came out not too happy. Then we found out they had to put new pig skin on his back.
When he came back to the room he got dressed so we could leave *smile*. Then some other people showed up to see Will. They brought a monster truck for him. Which he loves *smile*.
All dressed and ready to go home
So then we headed out but first we asked Will what he wanted to do he said he wanted to see the new Spiderman movie so that’s what we did! After the movie we decided to drive by the University. He then seen some statues and wanted to take a picture with them.
he is pretending to catch a football
headed home and asked where he wanted to eat so we ate a Ruby Tuesday’s. yummmmmy
At Ruby Tuesday’s
After that we went home. But first we stopped by and picked up a new bike for his birthday present! When we got home Brooke and our sitter Kariee got him a ice cream cake for him. We sang to him and went to bed.It was a long couple of days.
Will and his cake. There is and awesome young lady behind him Thank you Kariee for saying with the kids and be so awesome!
So we are home now and recovering. I am not sure how long it will take for him to be back to 100%. We are praying it will be quick and easy recovery.
I will keep you all updated on his recovery.
    God Bless,


  1. I am so glad that he is doing so much better Jenny. Have been praying for a speedy recovery for him and I know that God will heal him. Let me know if you need anything and I will keep the prayers going. Your family is in our thoughts and tell Will that I am so proud of the courage that he has had in this.

    Melinda Asebedo and family

    1. Thank you so much Melinda. I do know that with all of the prayers that we did receive. We could feel Him with us. <3 Jen

  2. Oh my goodness Jen! How scary! I'm glad you guys are now on this side of the event and your son is recovering. Hugs!

    1. Thank you Dana,
      We are very happy that God lead us to great doctors to help heal him. Now we are looking forward to seeing what blessing will be there after all this. God has a plan for every one and a lesson for everyone here. I know that this was part of the plan.


Have a Blessed day.