Tuesday, August 30, 2011

14 years and still in LOVE!!

spring 2011 060

I just can’t believe it has been 14 years since we said “I do”. Want an journey we have had these years together. We have had our fair share of ruff times but God has always lead us through to the other side. I  am still so much in love with this man it is crazy!

This man is so Amazing!

  • I love how he is training our boys to be Godly men.
  • I love how his hands are always so busy
  • I love how he can fix (or try to fix) anything.
  • I love how he looks across the room at me with Love in his eyes.
  • I love how he will drop anything to come give me a kiss.
  • I love his gentle hands.
  • I love how he tells me he loves me all the time.
  • I love his silliness
  • I love how spontaneous he is (unlike me)
  • I love how handsome he is.
  • I love how  he shaves just so his kisses don’t hurt my face.
  • I love how he looks at our kids
  • I love that he loves me even though I am not a super model
  • I love how he provides for his family.
  • I love so many things about him I think I could go on for hours.

Happy anniversary Babe I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

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