Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zoo 2010

Here is the clan! Brooke, Vinny, Will and Croix

These are just a few pictures from our trip to the Zoo. We all had a blast! This was Croix's first time and to watch his face was priceless. Will came when he was about 1 so he was very amazed too. We are already planing our next trip there so we can make sure we see what we missed this time. We were there for 8 and half hours and we still did not get to see all of it.

If you see in the picture with the tiger there is a baby cub nursing it was so amazing. That little thing was so cute! We also had got a chance to try and name her. That was fun. Maybe we will get a call and they will tell us they used one of our names.

As we are studying Botany this year and we were talking about pollination, they have Butterfly Pavilion were the butterflies just flay around and land on you and they fly from flower to flower it was the best part. The kids were very excited to be able to name the different parts of the butterflies. God is Great! He made these beautiful creatures not only for the flowers so they can pollinate but for us to enjoy their beauty.

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