Friday, October 8, 2010

Laundry Help

So I am sure as of most anyone is you struggle with how much laundry you have. For us with a family of 6 I just seem to be overwhelmed with how much I have every week. I am sure a lot of the amount has to do with all the clean clothes that end up in the hamper. Also all the many outfit changes that we seem to make, and the towels, Oh towels....... The are so hard on laundry! Okay my thought to the whole use a new towel after each shower just drives me bonkers! So you take a shower to get clean right? So when you come out of the shower you should be clean. So clean body+ clean towel = clean. So why do you have to through it in the hamper?? So I had enough of all this mounds and mounds of wash!! Plus all the wasted energy and water for this laundry that was not even dirty! So anyway here is what we have decided to try.

*First of all I bought those draw string hampers from Wal-Mart for $1.67 each. We gave each hamper a special place in the kiddos bed rooms. HAHAHA!!! Okay that was my goal but they are just lined up on the fool by their dressers. One day I will have them looking better but first things first.
*Then I used a marker and color coded each bag for each kids.
*Next I explained to each what we were going to do. They were actually excited...strange...
*Then I choose 1 day for each person. Brooke Mondays, Vinny Tuesdays, Mom and Day Wednesday, Will Thursday, Croix Friday, Dad work clothes and house hold items.
*Well then you have to teach them. You will know if they are ready to do it on their own. The 2 that can do it on their own are my 12 and 9 year old.
*The older kids or I work with the younger ones doing their laundry. My 6yr old can do all of it with supervision and reminders on what step is next. My 3yr old puts clothes in and out of washer/dryer, he can put the soap in after I pour it in the cup. He can also push the buttons too!
*The rules they have is they have the day to finish washing, drying, folding and putting them away in the drawers.

This seems to work out great so far. And less stress laundry for me to do every day. One thing you can do to help them get it all done in a timely fashion is to have the buzzers go off when the cycle is done.

I am keeping my thinking cap on for what to introduce next. I just don't want to burn them out because I have really never made them do that much as for chores.

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