Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chuck E. Cheese

This was our first stop on our family vacation! It has been forever since we have been here. The kids were so excited when we pulled into the parking lot. Brooke and Vinny have not been here since they were tinny. They had a blast playing and I am not sure they did much eating Vince or I did either.

"My clan"

We have not ventured out to far from home on our vacations, But now since the kids are big enough to go other places we may just have to head out of our state for our next vacation. It is awesome that we can just drive 4 hours and everyone is okay with that being our vacation!

You know that feeling when you are nervous to leave with all kids in tow, praying that everyone gets along, no injuries? Well as I was packing and thinking to myself "okay I need to pray for patience during this trip". We didn't have to many fights and everyone was happy. I am pretty sure no one yelled! Which means GREAT TRIP!! I LOVE my family and am so blessed to be able to take them places.

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