Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Natural Tooth paste

Well first things first I am so excited to share these products from Radiantly You!!

My first one I want to share with you is tooth paste.

I have tried many natural tooth pastes and they are fine. But some of the "natural" ones well still have some things you don't want in them. I don't know a ton about all ad things for us but I do know that this tooth paste will not harm you *smile*

Here is what is in it.

Say no to nasty, damaging additives and yes to natural, organic tooth care! This is a smooth blend of natural oils and flavorings that will clean your teeth like no other toothpaste you've tried. The freshness of baking soda cleans the surface of your teeth and the flavors of Organic Vanilla, Mint and Stevia add a freshness to this toothpaste!  
Healing you with: Baking Soda, Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil*, Vanilla Stevia*, Natural Mint Flavor
*Certified Organic

So there it is not a ad thing in it!

Well first thing you might notice is that it comes in a tub and not a tube. This was kinda silly I thought at first, but now I understand. It wouldn't come out of a tube.
You rub you wet tooth brush on it and brush away.
The next thing that got me was the taste....... Salty from the baking soda.  It took about a week to get used to. But it completely worth  the cleanness of my teeth and they are whiter, Bonus!!
If you ask a dentist they will tell you the best thing to brush with is baking soda.
I have not had anyone else in the family try this yet but that is because I need to order another one. I don't think that my family would be able to share. I would let them share with me I don't think that it would gross like I am sure they would think. Or I could use some kind of scraper that they could just scrap from the tub and put it on their tooth brush.
I hope you drop by and see what all there is on my website.
God Bless,

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