Friday, January 24, 2014

Rush Revere and the Pligrims

This book is what we are working on for history right now with Croix. 

Daddy is reading it to him and I am using other books from the library and resourses online to accompany it. We will be making some lap books , drawing and more. 

Croix has been enjoying listening to this book. While daddy is reading it I have been hearing things like "oh wow!" Giggles and questions about it. 

That is what I love most is seeing my children open up and become excited about learning something. When they are interested in something they learn so much. 

I would love to be apart of the "un-schooling" group but it is not really legal in our state to do so. But the idea of un-schooling is to learn what they are interested in. But that's another post all together. 

Okay back from my rabbit trail. This book looks to be very nicely put together with pictures of real people and items they would of used in this time and more. 

The book is actually about Rush Revere and his time traveling horse. He is teaching a class about the pilgrims. Him and his horse go back in time and it is then shown on a screen in the class room. 

I will let you enjoy this book with us as we go thru it and the extras that we will be using along side it. 

God Bless, 


  1. My 10.5 year old and I are reading through this book now we just love it!

    1. I am glad your enjoying it. I hope to see it more.


Have a Blessed day.