Sunday, January 30, 2011

T.V. or no T.V.

I have been throwing around this thought for a while now. I know my husband would not like it not even a little but. But I really hate having t.v. Now I do not mean the t.v. itself I just do not like having cable. I do not mind playing wholesome movies and educational videos. Plus it takes so much time away from my family. I feel we waste so much time watching t.v. I love my family so much and I want to spend as much time as I can with them. One of the reasons I homeschool so because I love my family so much I want to spend as much time as I can with them and anything that takes that away I want to give it away. I also feel that we would have more learning time if we (including me) don't get sucked into a show here and there. I do have my favorites but I am will to give them up for the sake of our family time. I don't know maybe I just having another one of my crazy thoughts?


  1. Hey Jenn, I wanted to let you know that I do in fact follow your blog. I have been thinking of starting my own....But I digress. I too have been contemplating getting rid of our satellite. Kory is very against this idea. I keep hearing "I pay the bills and I want tv" I really want to get down to just one tv in the house too. This way if we are watching tv we are forced to watch it together. But that too has been turned down. So I think, if you can find a way to convince your hubby to get rid of the cable go for it! Any more television is over rated. I am still fighting over here and will continue to do so until I win. : ) Good Luck!

  2. yes I wish too we could get rid of it all together but I think that would well be a war here :) Okay so really if I said its time for it to go it will go and everyone will be a little upset but they will get over it. Maybe one day we will have it just here as an accessory. :)


Have a Blessed day.