Monday, January 20, 2014

Radiantly You - My new Adventure

So as most of you already know I try to use as much organic and natural things in our home, what we put on our bodies and what we put in them.

I have done many of experiments at making my own homemade items. Most work out which I usually share those with you.... bless my hubbys heart he has put up with a lot of these.

I do fairly well with a few things I make, but there are things I cant or just flat out don't want to make them.


I heard about this awesome set of products that go from laundry soap to babies butt cream and guess what they have in them???

Well let me tell you what they don't have in them. Nothing bad for you!! And a plus is that you can actually read and understand the ingredients labels!

To me that is a huge thing!!

I wanted to share with you this company it is called Radiantly You. I just became a distributor. I wanted to share these products with you.

I will be giving honest reviews about each product as I use them. (as I buy them one thing at a time I live on a budget) I have been using some of the products already and cant wait to get my hands on the rest.

So if you would like to come take a look see before I post about each product come on over I promise you wont regret it :)
God Bless,

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