Thursday, January 3, 2013

First day back after Christmas Break

Today was our first day back after our break. We took the same time that Brooke did off this year. Last year we did it a bit different. It was just a lot easier to do the same days as her.

Today went really well, we were done right at lunch time! *smile* Vinny even did extra work today. He did some of his work for tomorrow because he finished so early. This will come in hand because we will not be home much next Tuesday because I have a doctors appointment. With his school I set it up on the computer then the program assigns the work for him and I will not be giving him the day off from school that day even though Will and Croix will not be doing as much that day. We are trying to give him more responsibility with his school. He is doing great! Today all of his scores were 100% except one and it was a 97% *smile* I am so proud of him. His progress is so awesome this year. I just can not believe when we took him out of school in 3rd grade and he was at 1st grade level in about everything, he has caught up and is well on his way to being “above average”. He was so frustrated the last couple of years even though he was improving he knew that he was behind compared to his school friends. Now he is happier now.

After Vinny was finished with his Switched on Schoolhouse he was willing to read to Croix while I was working with Will. What a sweet heart *smile*


Croix did great today also. We started our new schedule today and it seemed to work great. What we are doing is instead of waiting until after lunch or whenever I get a free moment to do Croix’s schooling I decided to do him first while Will worked on his math and spelling words. Croix seemed to sit still for longer and do all of his work for the day in one sitting *smile* instead of doing it about 3 times during the day. He is doing great in everything but math he is just getting it so quickly. I am right now doing flash cards only right now. We got to an area in his math book that it asking a lot of him not as in he cant do it but as in it is way to many problems so we are just memorizing facts right now and then I will go back to the workbook in a few weeks. He was getting frustrated with the workbook that he would just cry while doing it. So today he did his math flash cards pretty quickly so I think I will be adding the next set of facts next week. +4’s will be added. Here are a few pictures of his day.


So after he does his math flash card he does his reading lesson out of his McGuffey reader.


Next his does copy work for the McGuffey reader. I just love this picture. Look at those eyes *smile*


We were learning about parrots and then he had to color this page by listening to directions on what to color when. Also using left and right in the directions.


Next was his bible lesson. Which was on Lot and Abraham. Where Lot choses the better land for his animals.


Then he colored a page about the story. After he did this it was time to read a few books.

Will had a great day also. He struggles some days with doing his school without breaking down in tears. I am hoping it will get better now. I believe that he was board with the level of school he was doing. I went ahead and skipped ahead a bunch on his math. Math is where we get most of our tears. I also switch to a different math book that I had in the house that was a bit higher and just put together differently. It is an old math book from the 30’s and the way math was taught then is different then now. Well I hope this helps. I just feel so bad for him when he starts crying. Anyway here are a few pictures of his day.


Here is a picture of the math book. He did his math  and spelling while I was working with Croix.


Here he is reading out of his McGuffey reader. I do have to say that these books are the best things I own for homeschooling.


Some Language Arts


We are doing a new workbook for Science. It looked pretty neat when I saw it the other day. It has many units in it. We decided to start with the Human Body unit first because it is to cold to start some of the others dealing with doing different things outside. Like bird watching, finding bugs and things like that.


So we started today with learning about cells.


Here he is reading out loud to me. He likes to move a lot while he is reading. It took me awhile to get used to this. He is so not like me at all in this area, I have to sit still while reading. At this point I think he had his hands inside his shirt and swinging the chair back an forth. He kept on reading so I try not to say anything.

We then went to library class in the afternoon with the homeschool group. Well there was our first day back after break. I hope you all had a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

God Bless,


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