Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What to do when they don’t want to do school?

Well we have our days where someone is just not wanting to do school. We had a day like that Monday. Will might of just had a case of the Mondays but he was not wanting to do school.


Here is a picture of what it looks like when this little man decides that he wants nothing to do with school. This picture was taken after I had tried many different things to get him motivated. 

So what to do in these times? I have a few ideas for you that I have used. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. It depends on the day.

  • First don’t get angry!!! Most important is not to lose your cool. This can be hard. I mean really hard on days that they are pushing ever single button that you have and you just cant take it anymore.
  • Leave the room. If you are about to lose you cool, leave the room. I will sometimes just say mommy needs to go “somewhere” and do “something”. I then leave them to maybe start doing what they were supposed to be doing and all is better when I get back. Other times I come back and they are playing on the floor or just sitting there still *sigh*. But at least mom is not angry. 
  • Take a break. Maybe it is time to take a break. Kids need to run and play, laugh and just be kids. So let them go outside and run. We have a trampoline so that is a huge help. I have a friend who has a small trampoline that they have in their house which she uses it to burn off some of those crazies during the day. Hopefully they are ready to get back to work. And maybe not……. But don’t get angry!!!
  • Switch subjects. Sometimes I know that my kiddos get frustrated and it is best to set it aside and work on something else.
  • Set a timer. There has been times where I set a timer for a certain amount of time. I make sure that it is plenty of time to get the subject is done. I have also done this and said that if you don’t finish it you will loose this or if you finish this in this about of time you will receive this. I only do this in extreme cases, I truly believe that children need to learn to obey first time not be bribed into obeying.
  • Move locations. Sometimes I have noticed if I just have them move to a different place. This could mean the couch, a different table, the bed or the floor. Can make a huge difference.
  • Wait until Daddy's home. I have had to this a few times. Sometimes a fresh mind can help in so many ways. Plus this is “OUR” family, and we both play a very big role in their educations. He may not always be a part of the everyday lesson planning or teaching of nouns. But we are both play a very important part in their education.
  • Call it quits for the day. Okay I know you are probably thinking this is a big no no, but seriously there is nothing else to do but just set everything aside for the day. Now this does not mean you don’t do anything. What I do on these days is get out the book that I have chosen to read aloud. This day we usually read a bit more then normal. Sometimes I grab a bio and read it. A good documentary to watch is also great.
  • Food. Food sometimes gives them the boost that could help them get through the rest of the lesson. I caution you not to feed them a sugary snack. That will not help at all that will just make things worse. 
  • DON”T GET ANGRY!!!  I had to put this one on there again. Because this is very important. Not only am I reminding you, I am reminding myself how important it is.

Our children feed off our attitudes. I wish I was one of those soft spoken moms that always stays calm but I am human and I am not perfect. I think most mom are not. But this is where God comes in and He helps me through these kinds of days. Usually when these days happen more then once in a couple of weeks I know that I am obviously trying to do it all on my own and I get a check and figure out that I am not relying on God. He wants us to need and want him. And he will always be there when we ask.

I hope that something in here will help you on your days of craziness. Just remember that what you are doing as a homeschooling mom is so important. It is a loving and wonderful thing you are doing for your children, and for the world. Training up our children in the Lord and to have morals is so so so important.

God Bless,


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