Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What to do when the baby comes?????

This is something I worry about often and I am trying to prepare myself for when the baby comes and we still need to do school. I have heard some people just take 3months to a year off of schooling and just catch up later on. I am not sure I want to do that even though it sounds like a good idea sometimes. I do know I will take a month off at least. Or just enough time that this guy is nursing well and has some longer naps.

I am also guessing I will be doing a lot of reading aloud before then with baby in my arms. Well I am guessing we will be doing a lot of schooling with baby in my arms, I know that I can do it but I am a planner and I need a plan. If the plan is not followed to the “T” I will be okay with that but I just need a plan.

Another thing I was thinking I may do in the beginning is to school in the evenings when daddy is home so that way he can be here if I need help with anything that I need help with.

I just need some ideas. HELP!! Any ideas would be great.

God Bless,


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