Thursday, November 1, 2012

Facebook fast day 6

Anyone miss me yet????? Ha ha! I am sure no one has noticed I am not there. Well I am happy to say I have not gotten on and that I have one dear friend joining me on this fast and I think I have another one who is really thinking about it. My sweet friend who has joined me has been texting me little things about what she is learning by being in the Word and just the little things that she would tell the world instead it is just me that gets to see them. *smile* I love the fact that we are sharing in this together.

I went on this wonderful woman's retreat this last weekend. What a learning experience this was. I not only learn some of the gifts God has given me and received the confidence that I can evangelize! I have always been kind of scared to do that. I do talk about Jesus a lot but not just making a point to do it it just comes up. But that is because I know how wonderful He is! One other thing I noticed while I was there because my phone was not going crazy in my pocket with Facebook updates was how many wonderful ladies had their phones opened to Facebook. It was sad to think of all that they could of learned by bringing their heads up and opening their ears to our speakers. Maybe they could listen and check updates at the same time. I did think about what if that was me. Would I of looked at my phone when Facebook told me too or would I have left it be? I am not sure.

So far this is fast is very awesome! I can’t wait to what God has in store for me!

God Bless,



  1. I have not joined facebook for several reasons, but the reasons for your "fast" are numbered among mine. However, I find that I'm going to have to join soon as my daughter is going to be 13 soon and has been waiting for 2 years to be allowed to have a facebook account. I just don't want to open that door, but I feel pressed to do so. I guess I'll just enjoy my last few months without it and pray for strength to not be consumed by it.

    1. It can be a great tool. But also a crutch if we are not careful. I will pray for strengh for you in your new adventure :)


Have a Blessed day.