Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Appointment; 14 weeks 2 days

I had my appointment with my new doctor on Monday this week. I had a GREAT one to tell you the truth. I was part of a miracle. But I will get to that in just a minute.

You may have noticed that I said new doctor and I did. I Love my doctor here in town but with all of my previous c-sections (4) I felt I needed to be somewhere that they would have an OB deliver this baby. I have delivered my last 2 babies at this hospital I will be at this time and we loved it so I felt we needed to be there again. It is only a 45 min drive from our house. This doctor that I chose this time I have went to before a few times and liked him a lot.

My appointment was a t 10:15 am and well it took forever which I figured it would because it was Monday and everyone goes to the doctor on Mondays. Also I had to transfer all my info also. After all the paper work and waiting room time I finally got in to see him. Did the normal things I was weighed and well lost yet another 2 pounds. This makes a total of 10 pounds. I would be happy but I am a bit nervous about that. I have not been sick I just keep losing weight. The doctor says its is fine because of my weight anyway. I think it is just that I can't seem to eat bread because it makes me feel yucky. So I guess take away bread from my diet and there you go –10 pounds. I think that would do it for anyone.

Not many people know this but when we were at my last appointment my old doctor found a mass in my bladder so I had to have this looked at again at the hospital. So I headed over there to have an ultrasound again to check it again and decide what we were going to have to do with it. If it was something that needed to dealt with now or after the baby was born. So after another wait, but this time I was able to stop and have some yummy Mexican food and then head to a friends house for some girl time then I headed to the hospital. I called and asked for prayers form friends and I prayed. Praying that the mass would be gone. Well here is where the miracle happened! The mass was GONE!!!!!! I just get chills thinking about this. The radiologist said it could of just not been there and all these other things but I said nope this was Gods hands *smile*.

I was able to see our little blessing bounce around and see its little legs and arms. This little stinker would not stay still long enough to take a good picture so I have one for you all but its not the best. I got to listen to the heart beat which was 165. I do now know why I have felt this baby move so much more then the others it is because this one is a little jumper. I love feeling the little flutters and can’t wait to be able to let the kids touch my belly and fell baby move. So as you can tell pretty much everything is right on track and all good news. Praise the Lord!!

Here is a picture of our little bean


God Bless,



  1. I'm so very glad to read of your good news! Miracles abound!

    1. Thank you. We are very blessed!!


Have a Blessed day.