Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Join me on a Facebook fast.


I have decided to fast for a bit. I am working on some things that I feel like I need to give something up for a while to get my answers from God. These things that I am asking guidance about may seem small but in the big picture they are important. I know that if I am spending more time in the word other then my evening bible study time and I give up something He will guide me. He will do this for anyone who truly asks. I have been studying James and James tells us that if we ask and do it with the right mind and heart He will give it to us.

“When you ask you do not receive , because you ask with the wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your own pleasures.”  James 4:3

This verse made me think when I read it and realized it meant so much more then just asking for money or the new car that the neighbor has. I know my biggest thing is time but what do I do with my free time? I don’t spend it in the word or in prayer. When I ask for time or help to get something done that would give me more time I don’t spend it right. I am sure there are lots of people out there that ask for good things but we would use it not in the best manner. I know I have asked for financial help He always provides but usually never extra because He knows me better then I know myself because I would probably go spend it on something that was really not needed but I thought was needed. Like new clothes for kids which you would think would be a wise choice but my kids have plenty of clothes and why do they need 12 shirts or 8 pairs of pants when they are all in really good shape and I have a washer and a dryer that can wash them so they should not run out of clothes unless I am spending too much time not doing my housekeeping very well.

Here are a few of the things I am going to be working on. There are some that I will keep private.

  • Waking up earlier. I know I am expecting but I really should get up before the kids do. The kids wake me up when they get up and then I feel like I am on the run everyday. Like I am playing catch up all day. I will not complain I love being at home and homeschooling but, I need to give myself time to do my chores in the morning before everyone is up. This way while we are doing school I don’t have to run and switch the laundry or have them read a story out loud to me while I am cleaning the bathrooms. I take my job as a homemaker/ mother/ teacher very seriously. Everything does need to get done but to do this I need to give myself the time to do them. I realize that there will be sick days, field trips, headaches, doctors appointments and soon a newborn *smile*. These this will always be more important then making sure the toilet is sparkling but they still need to be done. at some point.
  • More time in the Word. This I do daily but I think I need to spend more time in the Bible. I need to work on some memorizing also.
  • My grumpiness. I have a been a bit grumpy lately. I t could be the hormones in my body but this doesn’t mean I need to be this way towards my loved ones. Bing in the word will help with this so much because when you pour His word in it fills you up and leaves less and less room for the yucky stuff that we have let in our lives.
  • Taking better care of myself. I am overweight as some of you know that know me personally. I have been doing a pretty good job with this for the past 6 months. I have actually lost weight during this pregnancy and I am know it is not because I am trying it is because I am being careful with what I eat and being active. I have not been working out just keeping busy.
  • Spending more time with my loved ones. I am not on Facebook during the times I should be spending time with my kids. But I do sit in the evening when I should be snuggling with my husband I spend it in the same room while he plays a video game or watches a movie and I am just there. I should not be doing anything other then spending those very few moments with him then looking at what is going on in the Facebook world. I do shut it off after I get my fill which takes about 15-30 minutes and by then I am tired and then I head to bed after about 30 more minutes. These special times should be spent talking about our days, if everything is okay, and or feelings. Not that we don’t do these things we just need to do them more.
  • Anger towards two family members. I am not going to go into detail with this one. This is just a big one for so many people out there.
  • This last one I will not say because it is very private.

God will be there for all of us if we just ask. I am asking someone out there to join me in this fast. I will be starting Friday and ending November 16th. I am hoping that this length of time will give me the chance to get into a habit of spending more time with God in turn will help me with all these other things that I need to work on. Let me know if you are going to do this with me. If you have a blog also you can link it in you comment and I will make a post as I update on how I am doing and share you blog post if you are doing the same thing. This does not have to be limited to just Facebook. I am also not going to be on Pinterest, twitter or like things. I will have my email and my email does tell me if I receive a message on Facebook so if someone needs something I can contact them. I do pray with others and Facebook is how we let each other know we or someone is in need of prayer. I am going to keep my blog looking down to a small amount of time also. I do have a few that are very encouraging but most of those are sent to email so if they look like they should be read I will read them but other then that I will not be on the computer much at all. I do hope that some join me in this fast.

God Bless,


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