Saturday, October 20, 2012

Our New House

Well here we go I think I got enough put away so I could take some pictures. But I did not take pictures of our second kitchen. Yes, I said second kitchen! We have yet to decide what we are going to do in there. It has some awesome shelves and a full set of cabinets well it is a full kitchen. But anyway I thought I would share these pictures with you.

I will start with the downstairs. Down here is our 2nd living room, Brooke and Vinny’s bedrooms, the laundry/ 3rd bathroom, and the 2nd kitchen.

I will start with the living room. This room is pretty much used for the kids and evening tv time, video games. We do not have pretty furniture in here but we made do.


Not sure what to put on the walls so we just hung things on existing nails in the wall.


Next we have the laundry room / 3rd bath room


You have got to love the toilet on the pedestal Smile. It is also nice to have another shower too.


Here is a picture of my new washer and dryer I LOVE!! But the way we had to set them up is kinda not fun. Do you like my step stool I have to use to get to the bottom of the washer? I am hoping that Vince will make me a safer stool that is not a kids plastic chair. I am thinking I don’t want to stand on this when I am 8 months pregnant.

Next we have Brookes room. She insisted on the Blue and yellow room.


Yes we know we need to get her a different bed. But she does not want it off the floor. She is a little weird.



In her closet there is a crawl space. that we can store things in and use for a tornado shelter.

Here is Vinny’s room. He was upset he got the paneled bedroom. He decided not to come the day we chose the bedrooms.


But I think he did a good job making it look good.

Now we will start with the up stairs living room



LOVE the orange walls. The picture does not capture the awesome color of this room.

Here is a bathroom. This is our first bathroom down the the hall way you can see in the above picture. I do have to say these bathrooms are awesome! The wonderful owners of this house had just remodeled them.


This vanity is so pretty. I should of taken a better picture of it.


I had to open the shower curtains to show off the pretty tile.

Next is the boys room it is directly across the hall.


Yes this room is pink I know. We are hoping to paint it probably and of white or beige color but not sure when that will happen.


Okay so the coolest part of this room is the cubby hole up in the closet. The boys use that as a little play area.

Next is our room. We have yet to put curtains and pictures up. There are blinds but I want to pretty it up a bit.



In our room we have a bathroom!!! Yeah I have my own bathroom. We have lived with only one bathroom for so long.

Here is my bathroom!



This bathroom has the same pretty tile. It also has a deep large tub. I actually got to take a bath. I loved it!

Last of all we have the upstairs kitchen.




I now need some bar stools to go up to the bar.


You have got to love my folding table here. Okay mine I have in the garage to refinish soon. I haven't had time to do this yet but I will get it done before this baby is born. Okay this is a goal, we all have to have goals right???

I hope you enjoyed you tour of our house. Sorry about the quality of the pictures both of my cameras are broken and all I have is my phone now (Hint Hint honey).

God Bless,


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