Friday, August 17, 2012

First day of school 2012-2013

Its official we have started school. Here are some fun pictures of my crazy kiddos.


Mister Croix Boy is pretty excited.


Crazy Will!


Vinny was not thrilled about the picture but he did it anyway. He is almost too cool.

We actually started Monday the 13th. We have had a pretty good week. My dear daughter started High school this week too. It was a sad day to drop her off. She loves it. She is also a cheerleader this year. She is cheering at her first game tonight. I can’t wait to see her cheer. It is so cool that I was a cheerleader for the same school. I enjoyed it and I think she will too. I will have to dig out a cheerleading picture of me and put hers and mine together that will be fun *smile*. One thing I thought is so fun that they are still using cheers we did back in the 90’s. Here is a picture of her in her uniform.


So pretty.


Have a Blessed day.