Friday, August 17, 2012

Pig Wrestling!

Yep I really di say pig wrestling. Well being a Nebraskan I guess there is many thing you have to do as a right of passage. Well I have been living in this wonderful state since I was a kid but I guess my parents being from Vegas and me living there for the first part of my childhood I guess this makes me a city girl and we as kids never would of thought something like this was well there for fun *smile*. Well we heard about this on the radio for our county fair and my boys were so excited to do it that we had to let them do it.
So being the city girl I am I had no idea what to expect so I just went with the flow and well became pretty excited about the whole thing. When we got there it was not at all what I pictured which I was actually happy for. I was picturing tons of mud but it was not like that. It was a circle arena area with a white tarp and a little bit of mud and a bunch of water.
Here are some pictures of this “Right of passage”
This is a picture of the “half pints” Croix’s team. They are so cute!!
Here they are looking at the arena. I think they were a bit nervous.
Here is the group of kids stirring up the “yuck”
Here they are getting ready to go get that pig. So what the object of this is to pick up the pig and pit it in the bucket. Simple huh?
Well my big boys got in on the action also. They went with cousin and a good friend of ours.
Look at Vinny trying to get the pig.
Looks like fun huh? Well it was so fun to watch. The adults were even more fun. I don’t plan to be entering into it but the kids will be doing it again. I think we will have them all dressed up this time. There were groups that dressed really fun as a team.

I wanted thatnk Paul Pack for some of these awesome pictures! At CROSSfire photography
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  1. That looks like so much fun to do and watch!

    I am starting a new link up- Field Trip Friday- to showcase all the great away from home learning opportunities. I would love it if you could like this post! It's just the type of unusual experience I am looking for! Hope you will join me!


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