Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Update ~ Wills burns and trip to UNL.

I do have to say that this day turned out better then we had ever expected! The night before Will was so scared to go to his appointment at the Burn Clinic. He knew that they were going to be taking off the pig skin that had not come off. They told us that if it had not fallen off by the appointment that it must have been deeper or infected under it whish would be what is keeping the burn from healing. Well he had a lot of pig skin still on him. So we all were a little nervous,

So we yesterday morning at 8:00am to make it there by 11:00am for his appointment. We made it by 4 minutes!! There was so much road construction. *sigh* Before we could leave though we had to change the dressings on Wills burns and trim up the pig skin. There was not much to trim but Will was very crabby which was because he was pretty nervous to go. He knew it was going to hurt when they took it off.

SO we loaded the Suburban with movies and a cooler for lunch, and off we went. We did have to stop for Will he was not feeling well. I believe his tummy was upset because he was nervous.


Croix relaxing watching a movie on our way.

We sent the other kids to the family waiting area because we figured it might be awhile. I am so grateful we have a 14 year old that can keep an eye on them while were were in the office. The clinic is in the hospital so they were in a closed room with t.v., games, puzzles and snacks..

We were finally called back and they started peeling off his pig skin and Will was like wow that didn’t hurt at all! *smile* But that was one of the only parts that did not hurt. Poor guy was so brave. They even told us that he is way quieter then the grown man that was before him. They got to his had and you could tell that it was not going to be fun but what they did was let him soak it in a tub of water to loosen it up a bit before they tried again.


Here he is soaking his hand.

Well they got it all off and we were amazed by how well he healed! God is so amazing! They told us to keep a few places covered until they were done healing and to lotion him up at least 3 time a day. He also needs to stay out of the sun for too long. That skin is baby skin and it will burn very easy. So they gave us what we needed and headed out for a picnic.


Croix, Vinny and Will being as cute as can be *smile*

After our picnic we headed over to the University of Nebraska Lincoln GO BIG RED!!! So we could go look around. When we got there there was a tour starting with a group of UNL hopefuls and they asked us if we wanted to join them so we went along for the tour. The kids had a blast! Especially Vinny who is a BIG Husker fan! If you remember his room. Here are some pictures of our tour. If you notice Brooke is not in many she refused to be pictured.


Statue of  Dr. Tom Osborne and his favorite player Brook Berringer


Standing in front of the national champion ship trophies.




Standing on the Big Red “N”


They were so excited to be standing where the Huskers play.


Croix running out for a pass!




One day I hope to be sitting in this stadium for a game with all our kiddos.

Here I have some pictures of what his burns look like now. They may not all look pretty but just a couple of weeks ago there was no skin there or little there.


Here is his right hand. You can see at the side of the palm is still open that is where his deepest burn was. you can see that as you look at all the fingers how well he has healed his skin back.


This is the right arm almost perfect! It is so neat how pink his new skin is.


This is his left arm. This one has a few areas that are not completely healed but it looks great. He still has some glue on the side of his arm where they glued the pig skin on.


Look at his amazing back!

As you can see God has blessed us so much in this healing process. Thank you so much for all of the prayers. Now one thing I am curious about is how much all of this will cost. I know we have amazing insurance that will cover pretty much all of it but I am still curious on how much it will cost. One person told me that one sheet of pig skin was $6,000 OUCH!!

If you remember Vince said he was going to tear down the fire pit when Will is able to help the kids and I are trying to talk him out of it. He just doesn’t want to be a fool he says if someone else get burned again. I am thinking of all the fun times we have had out there as a family sitting around it on a cool evening talking (which is hard these days because of texting, internet, and t.v) we laugh cook and just enjoy each others time. Am I wrong for still wanting to keep it. Will even still wants to keep it. I trust that Vince will make the right choice being the head of our family. I just wanted to make sure he knew it was still wanted. Maybe we can change it into something different out there that will still be inviting. 

   God Bless,


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